Therapy options

Following your screening appointment, your therapist will speak with you about whether we are the most appropriate service to meet your needs, or whether we can recommend another service that might be more helpful.  If we think that our service can help you, we offer a number of support options that might be of benefit.

When will I be offered a session?

We always try our very best to keep our waiting times to a minimum, however, at times waiting can be unavoidable.

It is very important to be as flexible as you can be about the times, days and locations that you can attend therapy. We offer therapy in various locations in the whole of Croydon, and most of our appointments are between 9 am and 5pm. Patients who are willing to accept any time at any location often cut their waiting times by more than half, as compared to those people who request specific times and locations. We would therefore like to encourage you to consider whether there are arrangements that you could make in order to become more flexible, which may include discussing this with your employer (we can provide you with a letter that confirms your therapy appointments), thinking about childcare options or using public transport.

A word about our attendance policy – please be advised that one of the ways in which we try to manage waiting times for everyone, is to have an attendance policy. Once a appointment has been agreed with you, we will assume you are able to attend. Although we appreciate that sometimes cancellations of sessions can be unavoidable, if you cancel frequently it will make your therapy much longer and leads to increasing waiting times for everyone else. For this reason we must discharge people from our service who cancel more than two sessions during their therapy or do not attend a session without giving us prior notice.