Online therapy

We offer online treatment options, which are accessible from your smart phone, tablet or computer at home, any time of the day or night. No more travelling to sessions, and sessions fit into your busy schedule (have your sessions when your children are in bed, or when you have finished a long day at work, or over a weekend with a cup of coffee next to you). Service reviews show us that these treatments are as effective as face to face treatments, and we are very pleased to be able to offer you this option. You can start right now.


Complete a series of guided modules about the difficulties you are experiencing, with a highly interactive and informative online space to help you reflect and learn and recover. Do this at a time of your choosing, or as often as you would like during the week. Your therapist will arrange a regular check in time with you in the week, at which time you can get feedback, ask questions and address your concerns. Not in or can’t plan? Don’t worry, your therapist can see what you have done or the difficulties you have had by looking at the information you submitted online, and can leave ideas with you online that you can check any time. We offer this option to you through SilverCloud.

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