Group for Depression: ‘Behavioural Activation’

Feeling low? Struggling with motivation? Stopped doing things you used to and want some support to get back on track?

This 6-week group course helps you to understand what keeps depression going. It particularly focuses on the link between what you do & how you feel. The course teaches basic skills in how to manage common difficulties in depression e.g. improving mood, problem solving & provides support to get back on track.

Behavioural activation is an effective treatment for depression, and is shown to work very well in groups. Put simply, the things we experience in depression (tiredness, loss of interest & pleasure in doing things, loss of motivation etc) can lead to inactivity, and this often keeps depression going or even make it worse. With depression we often  stop doing everyday tasks- things at home, at work,

and things might start to build up. This can then feel overwhelming, or impossible. Behavioural activation works to overcome depression by starting to address these activities, and changing what we do, to change the way we feel.

If you feel this group would be beneficial for you, please see our how to access the service page for more information on how to refer yourself.

Feedback from service users 2015

“It was great coming to the group therapy & I’ve learned a lot from both the ladies [the facilitators] and members of the group.”

“I felt completely at ease with the group. It was a new and very positive experience, reminded me that we are all human.”