Weight management and emotional over-eating

Has a health care practitioner told you that you are overweight? Do you struggle with emotional over-eating and your relationship with food? Want some support to change things?

This 12-week group programme is offered in collaboration with Croydon Health Dietetics Service. It is 4 weeks of dietician led education about weight management. Then 8 weeks with a psychological focus on emotional over-eating, relationships with food, triggers for over-eating. The course covers strategies such as, mindful eating & self-compassion.

If you feel this workshop would be beneficial for you, please see our how to access the service page for more information on how to refer yourself.

Feedback from service users 2015

“Really opened my eyes and was so helpful.” 

 “This is a fantastic opportunity but you have to work hard and really want to engage to get the most out of it.”