How to make an appointment and our waiting times


If you are registered with a Lambeth GP there are multiple ways you can be referred to the service (if you are registered with GP at hand please see below).

If you have a history or diagnosis of Psychosis/Schizophrenia, Bipolar Affective Disorder or Personality Disorder, or you have had a recent admission to a Psychiatric Unit or A&E, please ask your GP to make a referral to the relevant Mental Health service on your behalf. This ensures you are referred to the relevant Mental Health service for you and will minimise any delay in your treatment.

  1. You can complete the online referral form (opens a new window)
  2. You can go to see your GP who will refer you
  3. You can refer yourself via telephone: If you wish to refer yourself call 020 3228 6747. We’ll take some brief details about you and book a 25 minute telephone assessment. This is usually within a few days, but if we need to liaise with other services it may take a few weeks.

Please be aware our phone lines close at 4.45pm on Fridays.

GP at hand patients
Due to the way IAPT services are funded and commissioned we can only accept self-referrals from people registered with a Lambeth GP. If you live in Lambeth and are registered with GP at hand you will need to contact GP at hand and ask for a referral to Lambeth Talking Therapies (some GPs might know it as Lambeth IAPT).

Before your assessment
Before your telephone assessment with Lambeth Talking Therapies Service, you will need to download and complete this PHQ9 and GAD7 questionnaire. Please ensure the scores are totalled up and have it with you for your assessment.

Waiting Times

Current waiting times are (if you are flexible about appointment times):

  • Initial telephone assessment –  5 working days (if you have used other mental health services it will be 15 working days, so we can gather information and make sure we are the best service to help you)
  • Online therapy – no wait for an appointment
  • Workshops – no wait to be booked in, but start date depends on when the next workshops are
  • Low Intensity Guided Self Help (Cognitive Behavioural therapy approach) – 2 – 6 weeks, offered via telephone, virtual clinics and face to face (limited capacity and therefore longer wait)
  • Counselling – 4-5 months, these sessions are face to face and offered in a fixed block of 6 sessions
  • High Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – 4-5 month, this is offered as virtual clinics or face to face sessions

Please be mindful that most of our appointments are Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm.

These times are provided as a guide and are based on typical waits experienced by clients who have some flexibility on times and location. We do have cancellations so if you are flexible you may be seen sooner than this.


 Getting Started

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