Health professionals

Lambeth Talking Therapies is a self-referral service. If you have a patient or client who you think would benefit from our service please encourage them to visit our website at where they can find out more and self-refer online or to call 020 3228 6747 to arrange their assessment appointment.


If you wish to refer someone we have a professionals referral form. Please note that we are an opt in service so unless you indicate the individual is unable to opt in we will wait for them to contact us. Please give them one of our leaflets and advise them they will need to call us to book their assessment appointment.

If the person you are referring is unable to opt in themselves because of, for example, their language or a disability, please indicate that on the form and we will make the appropriate arrangements to contact them.

You can also use the form to advise us of any additional information—like risk or mental health history—that might be useful.

Link to health professionals referral form.