Service User Journey Videos

Below are some videos about the different stages you will experience if you use our service. The videos are from the perspective of Mark, a service user, who reflects on his own experiences as well as taking you through the typical ‘journey’ through treatment. Please also see our downloadable introduction document, LIAPT Service User Journey.

Lambeth Psychological Therapies Introduction

  • We offer ‘talking therapy’ treatments to people experiencing common problems associated with low mood and anxiety
  • Visit the “Making an Appointment” page to learn more on how to refer yourself

Opting in process

  • If you opt in by calling 020 322 867 47, a member of our admin team will take a few details from you
  • If you opt in online you will enter these details directly
  • Once registered on our system, you may have the opportunity
    to be assessed over the phone if a clinician is available, if not we will
    arrange a time that is convenient to call you back.
  • Visit the “Making an Appointment” page to learn more on how to refer yourself

Telephone Triage

  • This is a 20-30min assessment to find out more about the difficulties you are currently experiencing, to check whether the service is appropriate for you, and to find out the most appropriate treatment for your difficulties
  • The above video demonstrates the sort of questions that
    you will be asked in this telephone consultation.
  • At the end of the triage
    call, we will discuss what services and treatments may best suit your needs.
  • If you are flexible
    about your locations, dates, and times, we can usually book you in straight
    away. If you have more specific place and time requests, there will usually be
    a short wait to arrange this. Evening slots are more limited than daytime slots
    and entail a short wait.
  • It may happen that we
    find that the best treatment for you is not within our service. If so, we will
    discuss alternative options with you and then direct you to the most suitable
    service by making a referral on your behalf.

Therapy (Guided Self Help)

The above video demonstrates a typical session of guided self help. This is one of many
types of treatments within Lambeth Primary Care Psychological Therapies. Find out more about some of our treatments on the Treatment Types page.

Mark’s Experience of Lambeth Primary Care Psychological Therapies