Guided self help

What is it? One to one therapy in person or by phone

How much does it cost? FREE

Do I need a GP’s referral? No you can self-refer

How many sessions? It varies, but usually an assessment and then 3-5 sessions

How long is a session? Each session will last approximately 30 minutes

How will it help me feel better? Talk with someone who can explain your problems and help you set goals and tackle problems step by step.

A Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner is trained to help you to manage your way to feeling better about your problems. Usually you would have a face to face appointment with your therapist but there is the possibility of telephone appointments.

What kinds of problems do psychological wellbeing practitioners address?

  • Depression or low mood
  • Worry or anxiety
  • Anxiety with depression
  • Panic or phobia
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

How does the psychological wellbeing practitioner help me?

  • Introduce self help material and help you to use it so you can get the most out of it
  • Helps you to utilise strategies to tackle negative automatic thoughts and dysfunctional beliefs about yourself and the world.
  • Helps you to identify and change behaviours that perpetuate psychological distress
  • Introduce you to other services which may help you, including drug and alcohol advice, debt advice and housing.
  • Show you how to use computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Encourage activity and regular exercise which can help you feel better
  • Support you to stay in work or get into work through training and voluntary placements

Psychological wellbeing practitioners are located throughout the borough of Lambeth – so you will be able to demonstrate a preference for location of treatment.

If you think seeing a PWP would help you overcome one of the problems above, fill out a referral form here.