Next Steps

Here at IAPT Lewisham, we are committed to finding the right support for you, whether that is with our service or another service in the local area. The following points describe how we ensure you receive the best care and treatment for your current difficulties.


  1. Once we have received your completed referral information, we will contact you soon afterwards to arrange a telephone assessment. This will take place within 4-6 weeks. The assessment will last around 20-30 minutes and will help us to gain an outline of your current difficulties. For those that self-refer using the online form, you will be sent a follow-up questionnaire to complete your referral information.

  2. After the telephone assessment, we will carefully consider if our service is the best for you right now. If not, we will put you in touch with other services in your area that can give you support to suit you.

  3. If we believe our service would be useful to you, we will offer you the least demanding options first wherever possible. You may need further assessment to gain more information about your current difficulties and to clarify how therapy would work for you.

  4. Your current difficulties will be reviewed throughout therapy and another option may be offered if it seems likely to add significant benefit.

  5. IAPT Lewisham is a short term service. We will carefully consider how to best to support you through the completion of your treatment and give you information on how best to continue your recovery in the long term.


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If you think that our service could help you with your current difficulties, talk to your GP or self refer to the service.