Our team

We are proud to have a diverse team that makes up the IAPT Lewisham Service.

Psychological therapists

Psychological therapists are trained professionals who can help people to deal with problems that significantly interfere with their lives. Some psychological therapists in our service are trained as clinical or counselling psychologists, some as counsellors or psychotherapists and some as cognitive behavioural therapists.

Many people face problems from time to time such as coping with stress, depression, anxiety, trauma or adjustment to new life circumstances.

Seeing a psychological therapist involves building a relationship between therapist and client in which problems can be thought about together.

Psychological Well being Practitioners

Some of the trained staff within the service are called psychological well-being practitioners (PWP). They are trained to be able to give you information and guidance, in order that you can make good use of self help materials.

The self help materials may be in the form of leaflets or booklets, or may be computer based. You will have a choice about whether or not you wish to access a self help programme on a computer.

The practitioner will be able to guide you through the programme, whether paper based or computer based and help you with any difficulties that may arise.

Some of the contact will be through face to face appointments and some is likely to be through telephone calls.

Employment workers

The IAPT Lewisham service may provide you with the opportunity to see an employment worker. The role of an employment worker is to help you with any employment related issues. The team provide practical support and guidance on specific topics including how to find work, CV writing and interview skills. The service is able to offer advice on volunteering, training and further education. They can also signpost you to a number of agencies who offer additional employment support.

The employment team can provide you with a Job Retention Service. This is for people who are experiencing problems at work and need advice on how to retain their employment.

The team deliver a number of vocational workshops which deal with employment related matters including how to apply for work, succeed at interview, and how to write a CV.


If you think that seeing a member of our team could help you with your current difficulties, talk to your GP or self refer to the service on 0203 228 1350.