Resources and links

Information and self help materials

The websites below have useful and easy to read guides on common mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. They also contain tips and strategies to improve your mental health and wellbeing such as how to sleep better and reduce stress.  A selection of online resources about anxiety and depression A selection of leaflets and guides A selection of booklets. This site also contains a lot of leaflets in other languages

Support groups and chat forums

A number of charities and services hold online chat forums to put you in touch with people that may be able to help or are going through the same thing

Campaign Against Living Miserably , includes a helpline for men.
Phone: 08 08 802 58 58, available 5pm-midnight           phone: 0300 304 7000

A place where people can talk about mental health problems with others and trained advisors A site dedicated to helping people with obsessive compulsive disorder A site dedicated to helping people with panic attacks

Useful phone numbers

NHS 111 Service: 111

Samaritans: 116 123