Groups and Courses

Choosing the best course for you

Below are some suggestions to help you decide which might be most helpful for you. Find out more by clicking the name of the group in the list on the left and click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions.


If you are currently depressed and this is the main problem you’d like help with, then you might want to consider the  Behavioural Activation course, as there is strong evidence for this approach and it can help when the symptoms are more severe as well as when they are relatively mild

If you have quite a lot of anxiety alongside your depression, then you might prefer the Back on Track: ACT for Anxiety & Depression  course as this deals with both sorts of problems

If you have experienced depression several times in the past, and are currently doing reasonably well, then you might want to consider the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) course, as this has been shown to be effective in building resilience so that depression is less likely to come back.


If anxiety is getting between you and the life you want to be leading, then the Back on Track: ACT for Anxiety & Depression course may be best as this has a strong focus on setting goals and learning how to build confidence so that our fears and self-defeating thinking no longer block our way forward.

Mood, eating and weight

If you are overweight and finding that low mood, depression or stress are making it difficult to control your eating and your weight, then you might find our Changes for Health group helpful.

Coping with a long-term physical health condition

If you would like to learn and share strategies with others for coping with the low mood and stress that can so easily come with the difficulties of living with long-term physical health conditions, then the Well-being – Long Term Conditions workshops might be the best option for you.  You could also consider the Mindfulness for fatigue, pain and other health problems  course.


Understanding Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) explains the causes and symptoms of PTSD and teaches some ways of managing symptoms.

Sleep problems

We offer a short series of Sleep Workshops to teach strategies for improving your sleep.


We offer a 5 session Bereavement Group for anyone who has experienced a bereavement and would like help with making sense of living with loss.

Weekend couples workshop

We offer a weekend couples workshop for couples to address relationship distress using communication skills training.

LGBQ Wellbeing

If you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual (or another minority sexual orientation such as ‘queer’ or ‘pansexual’) and you are experiencing stress, anxiety or depression, you might found our LGBQ Wellbeing group helpful.