Back on Track

A group for people experiencing anxiety and depression based on ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

The group will involve:

  • Learning strategies to help free you from your struggle with anxiety and depression
  • Helping you refocus on your values and challenge what gets in the way of change
  • Setting personal goals and working towards them
  • Practising exercises or activities about how you think and behave
  • An introduction to some mindfulness exercises
  • Support and guidance from group facilitators
  • Provision of self-help materials for you to use between meetings

To benefit from the programme, you need to:

  • Attend once a week or fortnight for 7 sessions (some courses run weekly and some fortnightly)
  • Devote time outside sessions to read through the handouts and try out different ways of thinking and behaving
  • Have a reasonable understanding of written English (we are sorry we do not have handouts in other languages at this moment)