Changes for Health

What is Changes for Health?

The Talking Therapies Southwark Changes for Health group is for anyone who is overweight and who is also experiencing low mood, worry or stress.

Changes for Health supports people who are overweight and want to develop healthier habits around eating and physical activity in a supportive and non-judgemental group. It is about long term behaviour changes that will lead to weight loss, rather than a quick fix.

Changes for Health is an 8 session group run over 12 weeks. As well as support for weight management we explore:

  • Why we find it hard to resist certain foods?
  • How to reduce comfort eating and emotional overeating
  • How to become more aware of what we are eating
  • Why staying motivated can be hard and what we can do to help ourselves
  • What is a healthy diet?   


People who have completed Changes for Health tell us they are…

  • More encouraging and kind to themselves
  • Being more active
  • More aware of when they are eating for anger, stress and boredom
  • Feeling less helpless and more confident
  • Eating more healthy snacks
  • Eating more fruit and veg
  • Enjoying cooking at home and eating less takeaways/ready meals
  • Reducing their portions
  • Making healthier and more filling choices
  • Enjoying food more  


Is Changes for Health for me?

To attend the group you will need to be:

  • Overweight (approx. BMI 30+)
  • Motivated and able to attend regularly
  • Willing to try to set a small eating or physical activity goal each week and try to achieve this (with plenty of support)
  • Able to listen to other people’s experiences with an option to share some of your own
  • Interested in learning new approaches and exploring positive changes

Please note that all potential attendees will need to go through a brief screening and assessment process to confirm that the group is the best option for you at the moment.



To discuss the group programme or to make a self-referral please contact Talking Therapies Southwark:

Telephone: 020 3228 2194 Email:

Website: (you may refer yourself online here)