Mindfulness: MBCT

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Who is MBCT for?

  • MBCT is for people who have had depression
  • It is especially helpful for those who have been depressed several times

What does it involve?

  • an introductory session followed by 8 weekly classes each 2 hours long
  • intensive training in mindfulness meditation
  • daily home practice, using CDs for guidance
  • learning about the nature of depression

What is mindfulness?

  • Mindfulness is being awake to what is happening in the present moment, moment-by-moment, rather than being on ‘automatic pilot’
  • Mindfulness meditation is a form of self-awareness training, leading us to know ourselves more fully
  • Being mindful means adopting a kind, compassionate, open attitude, stepping outside the mind’s tendency to judge anything and everything
  • Being mindful gives us the opportunity to respond to difficult events and situations in new ways, rather than just following old patterns
  • Mindfulness is a skill that we all have and can develop further.

What is required?

  • A commitment to attend all 8 classes
  • The time for daily practice (45 minutes a day)
  • An attitude of openness and patience

Is the course right for you now?

  • Do you have the time?
  • Is your life reasonably stable at present?  Although MBCT is designed to help us deal with times of crisis, it is not easy to learn the skills at such times. It is therefore recommended that you choose a time of relative stability to undertake the course. On the other hand, life is stressful and there is no point waiting forever – please discuss with the course instructor if in doubt.

You can find out more about mindfulness meditation and MBCT from the MBCT website based at Oxford University.