Mindfulness for fatigue, pain & other health problems


This group is for people experiencing stress or distress associated with long-term health conditions or physical symptoms such as pain or fatigue

MBSR/CT is based on an established stress reduction programme which enhances psychological and physical health and well-being. It has been specifically designed for people with long-term health conditions such as chronic pain, chronic fatigue, heart problems, COPD, and diabetes, and who experience stress or low mood as a result. MBSR/CT teaches you skills which you can use to improve your health throughout the rest of your life.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being awake to what is happening in the present, moment-by-moment, rather than being on ‘automatic pilot’. Mindfulness meditation is a form of self-awareness training, leading us to know ourselves more fully. Being mindful means adopting a kind, open attitude, stepping outside the mind’s tendency to judge everything. Being mindful gives us the opportunity to respond to difficult events and situations in new ways, rather than just following old patterns.

The MBSR/CT course involves meditation training over 8 weeks, with one class per week, each lasting two hours. Between classes participants are encouraged to practice daily, using CDs for guidance.

If you have the time to do the course, and your life is reasonably stable at present, then MBSR/CT may be for you. Stability in your life is ideal for learning mindfulness skills, which can then be used in times of crisis. Please ask for more details at your assessment.

You can also visit www.mbct.co.uk for more information.