Sleep Workshops

Our Sleep Workshops aimed at helping people improve their sleep quality which can have a beneficial effect on both and psychological and physical wellbeing.

What will the sessions cover?

  • Introduction to the ‘science’ of sleep and 24 hour body clock
  • How much sleep do we need?
  • Identifying sleep difficulties and why they persist
  • Techniques to use to help you get a good night’s sleep including relaxation exercises
  • Keeping a Sleep Diary
  • Use of sleep restriction to ‘reset’ body clock

When are the workshops?

There will be 3 sessions held over a 4 week period (weeks 1, 2, and 4). Each session will last 1.5 hours


Where are they held?

The workshops run every month and are held in various central locations in Southwark.


Are these workshops for me?

To attend the workshops you will need to be:

  • able to attend all three sessions
  • comfortable in a group of around 8-12 people
  • interested in learning about new techniques to improve your sleep
  • able to commit to keeping a sleep diary throughout the course

Please note that all potential attendees will need to go through a brief screening and assessment process to confirm that these workshops are the best option for you at the moment


Previous participants have told us that they have found the workshops friendly, informative and helpful