SilverCloud is an online cognitive behavioural programme with separate programmes to treat anxiety, depression or stress. It has a set of interactive modules for each programme which you can customise to use your way.

You can read what NHS Choices say about SilverCloud by clicking here

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Please click here to read an information sheet about SilverCloud and what you can expect if you choose this foundation option.

What’s involved?

  • Computer-based sessions which you can work though at your own pace.
  • Each programme provides a series of tools, activities and education on anxiety, depression or stress delivered in a safe and confidential space.
  • You are encouraged to complete a 30-40 minute session once per week over an 8-10 week period.
  • Activities completed between sessions are an essential part of the programme
  • A dedicated supporter monitors your progress through your programme, providing guidance and encouragement via regular reviews. You will share content with your supporter which allows them to respond to you in a more personal way and provide guidance that is relevant to you. The platform also supports the secure exchange of messages between you and your supporter.

Why choose SilverCloud?

  • Research suggests it can be as effective as one-to-one therapy for many people.
  • It can be more convenient than one-to-one therapy because you do not need to attend a hospital or clinic, and you can go at your own pace.
  • Flexible to fit in with increasingly busy lifestyle and available 24/7
  • Easy to use
  • Faster access to therapy
  • It is available across platforms and so you can use it on a smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • By doing SilverCloud you learn about CBT, which gives you a head start with one-to-one therapy, if you still need it

How do I access SilverCloud?

We will provide you with an activation code to enable you to access the programme from home. We may also give you some telephone support while you work through the programme.

The following information gives more detail on what is involved in the anxiety, depression and stress programmes.


  • Better understanding of the connection between your thoughts, feelings and behaviour and increased awareness of your moods and anxious thoughts
  • Tools to define and face your anxiety step by step such as an anxiety monitor chart, coping thoughts tool and worry time app
  • Learn to manage your anxiety, challenge anxious thoughts and develop coping strategies to feel better.


  • Better understanding of the connection between your thoughts, feelings and behaviour
  • Learn to observe your mood, thought and behaviour patterns.
  • Learn to spot thoughts and challenge negative thoughts, unhelpful patterns and balance core beliefs
  • Learn to boost behaviour to help you increase positive behaviours to improve your mood and motivation


  • Focuses on resilience helping you to identify and enhance exisiting strengths and skills and build new ones in order to manage stress and bring balance to your life
  • Develop skills to help you address your work life balance
  • Learn to manage stress, build resilience and self esteem
  • Learn to set effective goals, problem solve successfully,utilise time management and communicate more assertively