Books on Prescription

The Southwark Books on Prescription scheme enables high quality self-help books to be prescribed by  professionals within our service.

Your therapist can recommend a self-help book for you to use at any stage during your treatment. In order to join the scheme, speak to your therapist who will be able to fill in the name of a self-help book on a ‘Books On Prescription’ leaflet. You can then take this leaflet to your nearest participating library, hand it in and receive a relevant self help book in return.

Benefits of using this scheme include:

  •  An extended loan period of 6 weeks for any self-help book that is taken out as part of the scheme.
  • Unlimited book renewals.
  • Automatic library membership as soon as you hand in a completed books on prescription form at your nearest participating library. There is no need to be a pre-existing library member before joining.
  • Free reservation. If the book is unavailable at your nearest participating library it will be transferred for free from another.

To see a full list of the books that are recommended by our therapists under the scheme, click here

You can also ask your therapist for more information about the scheme, or alternatively visit the Southwark Council website by clicking here