Wellbeing Workshops

What are ‘How to Improve your Wellbeing’ Workshops?

  • FREE day-long psycho-educational workshops
  • for people living in Southwark
  • held on Saturdays
  • using CBT (Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy) methods which have been found to be very helpful for people with depression and anxiety problems

What would I gain from attending a ‘How to Improve your Wellbeing’ workshop?

  • an opportunity to learn about CBT
  • an opportunity to meet other people who might be facing similar problems.
  • learn strategies you can take away and use in your everyday life

What topics do the workshops cover?

  • There are four different workshops: Self-confidence, Sleep, Stress & Anger
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Is a group workshop right for me?

  • The workshops aim to be very practical, teaching participants about different ways of handling difficulties.
  • It is not ‘group therapy’ and there is no need to talk about your individual problems.
  • You will learn methods that have been found to be helpful by many people.
  • We hope that participants will go home at the end of the day with a new set of skills to use in their life and greater confidence to handle the problems they may have.
  • Working in a group is naturally different to working individually.  It can feel more supportive and interesting to be part of a group, but obviously there is less time to talk about individual issues.
  • If you think one of the workshops might be a good option for you, please be sure to discuss this with the therapist at your initial or treatment options consultation.