This workshop aims to help people become more aware of stress and offers a chance to learn different ways of handling the stresses in your life. We believe that stress is normal.

It happens when:

  • we change our lives e.g. move house, change job
  • things happen to us e.g. death of a loved one, an accident
  • we have continuing problems e.g. difficulties at work or home
  • we are so busy that we do not have enough time for ourselves

Our workshop offers you a chance to:

  • look at how we get over-stressed and then have problems
  • learn about what you can do to cope when you are feeling stressed (e.g. techniques to help you relax and unwind, both mentally and physically)
  • learn about what you can do to cope positively with stress (e.g. be assertive, manage your time better, solve problems)
  • learn about spotting your own early signs of stress