After receiving your referral

What happens next?

After registering your referral, the admin team will contact you to arrange a consultation with one of our therapists.

First consultation

    • takes place by telephone (but please let us know if this is difficult for you)
    • with a qualified psychological therapist or wellbeing practitioner, or closely supervised trainee
    • lasts about 30 to 40 minutes

We will ask questions to

  • ask for your consent for
  • collect demographic information such as your ethnic group and sexual orientation
    • This is so we can make sure we are reaching all sections of the local community
    • You don’t have to answer these questions if you don’t want to
  • check we are the right service for you. To do this we need to know:
    • your scores on the depression and anxiety symptom questionnaires (click here)
    • the problems you want help with

We will tell you about the types of help we offer

    • If we think we can help we will offer one of the foundation options in the first instance
    • You can ask us questions so you can start to decide if we are the right service for you

Together we make an initial plan

Sometimes we decide your foundation option by the end of this first call, but often we ask you to complete some more forms or speak again before this is confirmed. You may also want some time to think about what you would prefer.



Intake forms

These give us a fuller picture of your difficulties to help make sure we offer you the therapies that are best suited to your needs. To download a copy of the intake form please click here.

Second consultation: therapy options

We contact you again and together we make a decision about the best option for you. In most instances people will start by working through an online course or a workshop with our therapists. These options provide a strong foundation for learning about psychological therapy, which can then be developed further if  1:1 sessions with a therapist are subsequently needed.