Contact us

Main  admin office

For general enquiries, to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please contact us at

North teams admin office

If you are being seen by one of the north teams then you can also contact them at

  • 0203 228 9703
  • Munro Centre, 66 Snowsfields, London SE1 3SS

 To Refer Yourself

To be eligible you should be registered with a Southwark GP and 16 years or older.

To register your referral, we will need your name, date of birth, contact details, and name of the GP surgery you are registered with.

Alternatively see your Southwark GP and ask them to make a referral for you

Click here to find out what happens next, when we receive the referral 

Please note we are not crisis service. Click here for information about seeking urgent help.

GP at hand patients – Due to the way IAPT services are funded and commissioned we can only accept self-referrals from people registered with a Southwark GP. If you live in Southwark and are registered with GP at hand you will need to contact GP at hand and ask for a referral to Talking Therapies Southwark..

Our service welcomes referrals from people of any background, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity or religious faith.

To Cancel An Appointment

To cancel or reschedule an appointment

You can contact the admin team on 0203 228 2194,
or email

OR contact your therapist by phone or email if this has been agreed with them, but please note that therapists cannot pick up messages while they are in the therapy rooms, and many work part-time and will not be checking for messages every day

  • please give us as much notice as possible (although we do understand that things can get in the way at the last minute)

if leaving a message with the admin team by phone or email, please give

  • your name
  • day, time, and place of the appointment
  • if possible the name of the therapist you were due to see

and explain whether

  • you already have another appointment booked which you will attend – give the date and time if possible
  • or you do not have further appointments scheduled and would like one so need someone to contact you to re-book – it’s helpful if you can make sure you are easily contactable or let us know when and how best to contact you
  • or you do not wish / are unable to attend any further appointments [If this is an unplanned ending to therapy, your therapist is likely to contact you to check you are doing OK and have appropriate support in place, etc.]

Please note that due to demand for the service, we are only able to reschedule a limited number of missed appointments.  Please discuss with your therapist if you have any questions about this. A copy of our attendance policy is available to download by clicking here.

Information for health professionals wishing to make a referral

If you wish to discuss a referral please email or call 0203 228 2194

GPs, practice nurses and others working in primary care should have a referral form on EMIS which will populate with the patient’s details.

This can be emailed to

However, if you do not have a referral form, we will also accept referrals by email or letter so long as they include the following information

  • the patient’s name
  • date of birth
  • (if available) NHS number
  • full address including postcode
  • name of GP surgery at which they are registered
  • contact telephone number (preferably a mobile number) including whether or not they have given permission for phone contact and messages to be left
  • (if possible) email including whether or not they have given permission for email contact
  • problem they are currently seeking help for (obviously a fuller history would be helpful if available)
  • any requests for specific types of therapy
  • your name and contact details

Referral criteria

AGE: Adults, 16 years upwards (no upper age limit) .

RESIDENCE:  registered with a Southwark GP  People who live or work in Southwark but are not registered with a Southwark GP should be advised to refer themselves to their local IAPT service.


  • Common mental health problems, including but not restricted to, depression & anxiety
  • Long-term physical health conditions or Medically unexplained symptoms (To help people to manage their symptoms and / or to address stress, anxiety or depression).


Generally we do not see people whose needs will be better met elsewhere by a specialist service and/or their other difficulties would be an obstacle to effective treatment in our service, e.g.

  • Level of risk that is not manageable within this service
  • Addiction problem that is the presenting problem or would be an obstacle to effective treatment in our service
  • Eating disorder (unless relatively mild binge eating)
  • Current symptoms of psychosis or significant vulnerability to relapse due to history of psychosis (unless diagnosis doubtful or a long time ago with considerable period of stability since)
  • Bipolar affective disorder (same caveats as psychosis)
  • Borderline or antisocial personality disorder

Patients should not be receiving psychological therapy from another service or therapist at the same time as being seen in our service, although exceptions may be made occasionally, e.g. family therapy.