Therapy resources

Behavioural activation
Behavioural activation helps people  to develop or get back into activities that are important to them. It involves planning activities and and looking at behaviours to see if behaviour change improves mood. Below are a series of booklets we have developed to support behavioural activation.

1. Introduction to BA for depression revised 2021

2. Monitoring activity and mood revised 2021

3. Roadmap the activation plan revised 2021

4. Finding direction values flow and strengths revised 2021

5. Avoidance & the depression TRAPs revised 2021

6. Problem solving revised 2021

7. Thinking habits revised 2021

8. Next steps revised 2021


Audio: Relaxation, breathing and mindfulness 
Please find below a selection of audio resources that can help with concentration, managing stress and relaxation.

  • Clearing a space (13 mins):
  • Relaxation (18 mins):
  • Progressive muscle relaxation (20 mins):
  • ACT mindful inner awareness (18 mins);
  • ACT mindfulness for feelings that keep us stuck (19 mins):
  • Mindfulness of body, breath and sounds (30 mins):
  • Mindful movement (38 mins):
  • Body scan (46 mins):

Self-help resources: