Treatments we offer

We try to ensure that the type of help offered to you best matches your current needs. Our service offers both Low Intensity and High Intensity courses of treatment. Further details on these, and the stepped care approach are outlined below

  • Whenever possible we offer low intensity courses of treatment in the first instance
  • This is because they are the easiest to access, most widely available, and least resource-intensive
  • Low intensity options include workshops, groups, and guided self-help using workbooks or online packages
  • Guided self-help includes one-to-one support, often in the form of weekly or fortnightly telephone contact
  • High intensity therapies usually involve weekly one-to-one sessions with a therapist who specialises in a particular form of therapy, e.g. cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) or interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT)
  • You and your therapist will review your progress together, and may decide to step up your treatment (low to high intensity), or step it down (high to low intensity), or across (to another option at the same step), before you are ready to complete your treatment and be discharged

Help in your area

To see the types of therapy available in your area, visit the individual sections for your GP’s location: